Thursday, 3 November 2016

Love what you are doing

Today has been a bit of a blah day for me today. I was going through the motions, getting stressed out and not being present in what I was doing. I had the privilege to see two lovely clients today and as with all readings I allow spirit to speak through me. As I was doing one of the readings some of the things that were being said applied to me too.

Be present
Send more love
Appreciate what is in front of you and what you have.

After my work was over I sat and I contemplated how I had been feeling. I let spirit talk through me again and I was told 'just have fun'.

This really resonated with me, as school days I just go through the motions of getting the kids up, getting them to school/nursery, coming home, working, doing the nursery run, doing jobs, doing the school run and before I know it the whole day is over!

This message from spirit was a reminder to me to slow it down and bring fun into everything I do. Race the children to get ready, sing all of the way to school, smile (do you forget to smile when you are on a mission?). Just have fun! Even the ironing can be fun if you change your perspective on it :)

So as you are going through your day love what you are doing and have fun. You have been blessed with this day and even if you have the most mundane jobs to do, by shifting your energy it brings more positivity into your life.

Love always


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