Thursday, 10 November 2016

What to expect from a Crystal Treatment

Hi lovelies,

Today is number 2 in my series of posts about what to expect from services that I offer. One thing that I want to mention is that you should always go with your intuition. If you are guided to a particular Teacher, Reader or Therapist, then please go with that person. That is where you will get the best connection.

A Crystal Treatment is a holistic therapy that uses the energy of crystals to help your body heal and remove any blockages in your body's energy system.

The process of a Crystal Treatment is as follows:

  • you fill in any paperwork (if this is your first treatment)
  • you lie on the therapy bed and get comfortable. You are there for approximately an hour, so this is very important :)
  • I dowse to make sure that it is okay to do the treatment.
  • I then dowse again to see what methods I should use.
  • i lay crystals on/around you in various layouts to help bring your body back into balance.
When I am working I work with the seven chakras, your auric field and also your meridians. 

The seven chakras are the main energy centres in the body. These are the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base. when one or more of these are out of balance it can affect you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, but through a crystal treatment it is easy to realign them.

With your aura I work with the first four layers. Your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. By using crystals in your aura you can remove any imbalances before they become prominent in your physical body.

Your meridians are like little chakras that are in several lines throughout your body. these take a little bit longer to clear as you start at one end of the line and in the coming days/weeks each meridian point will clear one by one. The crystals are used at both ends of the line to activate the energy.

At the end of the treatment you are given a full report of what has been found and how the treatment has helped you.

A crystal Treatment can be done in person or distantly. For distance treatments you can carry on with your day whilst the treatment is taking place, as it works through your system a little bit slower than in person.

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*By law I have to state that a crystal treatment does not take the place of any medical or professional advice