Sunday, 20 November 2016

What to expect from a House Energy Cleanse

To me energy cleansing is just as important as cleaning your home. Where cleaning eradicates the physical clutter and dirt. Energy cleansing removes the energetic debris.

It is perfectly normal to have negative energy within your home. We pick it up from being ill, arguments, negative people visiting or even from our own emotional state. This then forms little blockages within the free flowing energy that we have in our homes.

There are many ways to remove this.  You can burn sage, use crystals, visualise light cleansing away the blockages.

I have been cleansing properties for people distantly and in person for the past five years and this is the process I use:

  1. I make a plan of each room
  2. I put a little bowl of salt in each room to absorb some of the negative energy
  3. I use a crystal cage and move from room to room 
  4. I then use sage or incense to clear the corners
  5. I then use sound to eliminate any remnants.
  6. I then add candles and crystals to bring in whatever energies you would like to bring in. For example, more love in the bedroom, a calm living room, inspiration in the office
This process works exactly the same distantly =, except it is done from a plan.

The energy then takes a little while to rebalance. Either three days, three weeks or three months, but you should feel improvements straight away.

I recommend cleansing at least once every three months, as negative energy can build up over time.

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