Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What to expect from a Reading

Hi Lovelies,

In the next few posts I am going to explain a little bit about the different aspects of the works I do, just so that you can get a better idea of what to expect when you have an appointment with me.

Today we are going to start with a reading.

As I tell everyone when they book I am a Medium, so my main job is passing on messages from spirit. There are may different types of reading from Psychic, to Tarot, Mediumship, Soul Readings, etc etc.

My connection with you starts from the moment that you book. I always tell people that they should go with the Medium/Reader that they are drawn to. This will ensure that you get the best possible reading.

Readings can be done by email, face to face, at events, through a demonstration, Skype or telephone. The way that I connect for each of these is slightly different but each works just as well. I always start by giving people a little introduction, this can help to calm your nerves (if you have any) and it also helps spirit to know that I am ready to work and that I am ready to channel messages.

One thing that I always make clear during the introduction is that it may not always be the people that you think will come through that do. It could be that your old next door neighbour comes through or a cousin of a friend who passed suddenly. What matters is that these people are able to pass their messages on. 

When someone does connect with me they will give me specific things about themselves. If they have connected with me before I tend to get less evidence because they know I will recognise their energy. Then they will give me whatever messages they have for you.

During every reading I also use Angel/Fairy Tarot Cards. The reason that I use these is because they are a nice in between, They have the preciseness of Tarot but the positive energy of Angel Cards. With the cards I am able to give snippets of the past, present, future. However, because I use the cards purely as a tool for connection, be aware that spirit will only tell you as much as they feel you should know. They may not tell you when you are going to move house, because they feel you have to make some choices before you are given the next step.

After every reading, I ask if you have any questions and if I can answer them I will. I am always incredibly honest with you, so if I don't have the answer I will say. I hope that everyone that has a reading with me leaves with the knowledge that their loved ones are okay and watching over them and also that they are at peace.

Love always


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