Tuesday, 11 April 2017

From Fear to Freedom

Good morning my loves,

What a fab few weeks it has been. Last week I went to Dublin for a friend's birthday and anyone that knows me, knows that for the past fifeteen years I have been scared of flying. I had lfown many times, but the more I flew the worse I felt. So tenyears ago I decided not to fly anymore. This fear then grew way out of proportion. Every time I thought of flying I went into a panic. But I love my friend and I decided that now was the time to get over this once and for all.
So.... I looked at all of the ways that could help me. The first thing I tried was Soul Retrieval. This is where you retrieve fragments of your soul that you may have lost through traumatic events. This was a really enlightening and enjoyable experience.

I also tried EFT, which is where you tap on the meridian points around your face and hands to retrain the mind using positive statements and eliminate your fear.
I even had an array of crystals in my pocket.

The morning of the flight I was up at three am and I sat with my hand on my heart and breathed into my heart space. I asked God (insert your own word here...Divine Spirit, Universe etc.) to be with me and help me through the process. I asked that all fear be eliminated from my life, as this was holding me back.

Then the most amazing thing happened. During the fight I was sat next to someone who talked me through the noises, the bumps, etc and peace started to wash over me. For the first time since my very first fight, I enjoyed the experience. I moved past the fear that was holding me back so that I could move forward in my life. 

Fear is an illusion that keeps you stuck and separate from who you are truly are and what you are here to do. You are a light worker, someone who is here to shine your light and love on the world and when you are fearful of something, that is blocking the world from see the light within you.
I was afraid of flying and some might say I was afraid of flying in life, afraid of success and from moving forward.

You can learn a lot from your fear.

Take a moment now to think about what you may be scared of. Feel the emotions that go with it and then ask yourself how you can move past it. What can you do to eliminate this fear from your life? Journal your answers and see what guidance you are given.

I hope that this serves you well. 
I love you,